Portuguese thrashers Mindtaker released their debut album “Toxic War” via Mosher Records and Firecum Records on the 24th of February 2020. The pace is fast, very fast, in full blown thrashtastic chaos built by killer 11 songs. These will leave old-school thrash fans happy. You bet. 

“Toxic War” is the logic outcome of a band that won the portuguese Wacken Open Air band contest and took the young thrashers to the legendary event. It was a live gig at the underground reference SWR Barroselas Fest that caught the eye and ears of Mosher Records, that now partners up again with Firecum Records to bring you a frantic succession of no-nonsense riffs. 

The artwork is yet another masterpiece by Luis Sendon, who just keeps on delivering awesome artwork after awesome artwork. It’s a no-brainer: this looks and plays great. Mixed and Mastered by João Dourado at Golden Jack Studios in Coimbra. 

Coming from the southern side of Portugal (Redondo, Alentejo), Mindtaker are everything but calm. "Frantic" is the word that best fits this young quartet that released "Toxic War" in 2020 by Mosher Records and Firecum Records.

The band formed back in 2012 and won the portuguese contest that took them to the Wacken stage in 2016. The influences are clear: thrash metal with a slight dash of crossover. The result is a type of music that you'll want to mosh to, immediately.

Current line-up:

Marco Bilro - Vocals
Gonçalo Branco - Guitar / Backing Vocals
Miguel Almeida - Bass / Backing Vocals
Rui Sousa - Drums

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Portugal’s Terror Empire kick off the 2020’s with fresh new music that’s set to kick you down your seat. “Snake Nest” is the first of a series of singles to be released during the year, in order to celebrate more than 10 years of heavy music. 

While the pace and riffery is still fast, there’s a new dimension to the portuguese band that make the band sound a little bit different. This new song is somehow more direct and straightforwad, and adds a ton of weight to riffs that just sound massive. Ricardo Martin’s vocal performance has also upgraded for these new tunes, with catchy choruses that you can sing along to without losing their fed-up edge. As for the lyrics for Snake Nest, “they are all about power and betrayal; about those who do try to make a change but are stabbed in the back during the  process”, the vocalist sums up.

The main songwriter and guitarrist Rui Alexandre says he “tried to write riffs that would sound huge, a soundtrack to you breaking your neck”. There’s still plenty of blast beats, “but everything is so raw and there’s this strong and powerful energy that gets you hooked in a way that traditional thrash just doesn’t seem to do”. Terror Empire aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, though. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Golden Jack Studios Coimbra by the drummer João Dourado, “you can hear a lot of old school influences blending in together to make this sonic attack”, Rui adds.

“Snake Nest” was released in January 17th on all important streaming platforms, and will have exclusive physical distribution via Metal Hammer Portugal’s “Subsolo” compilation, worldwide. The band is currently looking for shows to promote the new singles, contact them via Move Up Bookings.

Terror Empire is a thrash metal band from Coimbra, Portugal, formed in 2009. Inspired by the great thrash metal bands of the eighties and some of the old-school death metal bands from the nineties, the band manages to create a unique corrosive approach to their sonic attack.

Since the release of the EP “Face the Terror” in 2012, the band has played live non-stop in Portugal and abroad, sharing the stage with many great bands in clubs and festivals. In 2015, Terror Empire released “The Empire Strikes Black” (Nordavind Records), which was very well received by reviewers and metal fans all over the globe. "Obscurity Rising" was the band's best record to date, with well-crafted songs that went straight to the thrash metal point.

In 2020, Terror Empire decided a different approach, with singles being released during the year. Snake Nest is the first one, many more to come.

Ricardo Martins - Vocals
Rui Alexandre - Guitarrist
Rui Puga - Bassist
João Dourado - Drummer
Nuno Raimundo - Guitarrist

2020 - Snake Nest (Single, Mosher Records)
2017 - Obscurity Rising (LP, Mosher Records)
2015 - The Empire Strikes Black (LP, Nordavind Records)
2012 - Face the Terror (EP, independent release)




This record will be the third release of the band after the debut EP “Into the Fire” (2013) and the LP “Bleak Fragments” (2016), both critically acclaimed by national and international specialized media.

Charged with vicious riffs, voracious vocals and ear blasting drums, this record sets a new chapter for the band. It pushes the boundaries of heaviness in their sound. As a result, this album is more violent and straight-to-the-point than ever, without losing the creative identity that marks the band’s music since its inception.

Destroyers of All is a Progressive Death/Thrash metal band from Coimbra, Portugal, founded in 2011, signed to Mosher Records.
The band’s sound is a blend of diverse musical influences from various styles ranging from thrash, death, and even black metal, to the hard rock and progressive metal styles. The newest album "The Vile Manifesto" is no exception.

Following the evolution that started with the "Into the Fire" EP (2013) and the first full-length "Bleak Fragments" - both received high praise from reviewers worldwide - the band keeps pushing its own limits even further. "The Vile Manifesto" is their most straightforward and aggressive work to date, without compromising the craziness and the technical edge that always set the identity of the band.

Having played consistently in Portugal and Spain ever since the band's inception, including the most reputable festivals in their homeland, Destroyers of All is available for booking



“The Nightraiser” is a relentless sonic attack that evokes the best elements that made heavy, speed and thrash metal so popular: impressive vocals, a tight rhythm section, blazing guitar solos and carefully crafted melodies.

Frontman Lex Thunder (also vocalist for Midnight Priest) states about the new CD: “It’s an appeal to rebellion and some social criticism. Music-wise, this EP is a bit different from ‘Black Sheep’ - it’s faster, stronger and more aggressive. The influences of the music from the past are also a bit different, this one’s a more on the speed/heavymetal side.”

Recorded at Ultrasound Studios Moita, “The Nightraiser” features a Hollywood Rose cover (“Rocker”), a demo from the early career of rock n’ roll royalty Axl Rose: “I always thought it was a killer tune, living off the spirit of rock n’ roll”, Lex says. “Unfortunately, this brilliant song never got a proper recording, so we took the chance and did it ourselves, and recorded it the way we wanted it sound”.

The pace is high and Toxikull promise to take no prisioners during the promotion for “The Nightraiser”. An advance single will be released this month, and an official videoclip will come shortly afterwards.

After 2016's surprise by the shape of "Black Sheep", Toxikull return with the incredible EP "The Nightraiser" (Mosher / Firecum Records). “The Nightraiser” is a relentless sonic attack that evokes the best elements that made heavy, speed and thrash metal so popular: impressive vocals, a tight rhythm section, blazing guitar solos and carefully crafted melodies.

Fearless, taunting, leather-jacket wearing maniacals Toxikull are a quintet from Cascais, Portugal, who play their metal heavy and fast! Fronted by the brothers Lex Thunder and Michael Blade, Toxikull is one of the most promising european underground bands, when it comes to heavy/speed/thrash, mostly due to the high energy display during their live gigs.

Fear the Nightraiser!


Lex Thunder - Vocals, Guitar
Michael Blade - Guitar
Antim “The Viking” - Vocals, Bass
The Lorke - Drums



"Upcoming Reality" is the crushing debut album of progressive technical death metal outfit Trepid Elucidation, from Portugal. The band isn't shy of displaying their influences through the 37 minutes that make the album: you can definitely know they drink from references such as Death, Decrepit Birth, Obscura and Beyond Creation. A tested formula with astonishing results: "Upcoming Reality" is massive in terms of stringwork and the rhythm section keeps up with precision. Take a listen and get this album today!

Trepid Elucidation is a technical death metal band forged in 2012 in Lisbon by drummer Francisco Marques. Other members are Diogo Santana (vocals, guitar), João Jacinto (guitar), and Renato Laia (bass). After a few years playing in Portugal's most important underground festivals, the band is finally unleashed "Upcoming Reality" through Mosher Records. Be prepared.

Mosher Records

Founded in 2015, Mosher Records is an independent label from Coimbra, Portugal. Always interested in exciting new music. Contact us: info [at] mosherrecords.com.

Founded in 2015, Mosher Records is an independent label from Coimbra, Portugal. Always interested in exciting new music. Contact us: info [at] mosherrecords.com.

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